Do you wish you could…

  • Manage your portfolio effortlessly?
  • See everything in one place?
  • Automatically rebalance?
  • Or better!
  • Dollar Cost Average (DCA) easily?

Introducing Prospero — an automated portfolio management tool that turns your cryptocurrency holdings into a veritable index fund.

  • open-source
  • downloadable
  • automated
  • community-driven
  • 100% free

It is the only investment tool of its kind in the cryptocurrency world.

You don't need a fund manager who takes a cut of your earnings
and you certainly don't need costly tools to do it!

Just you, your cryptos, an exchange, and
our tool is all you need to manage your portfolio like a BOSS.

Sound like a dream come true?

Let's face it…

Managing more than a handful of cryptocurrencies and knowing exactly how your overall portfolio is doing is about as easy as, well, putting socks on a rooster. That is to say, managing a portfolio of cryptocurrencies is a painful, tedious chore that drains so much time, you might as well whistle up the wind.

How often have you noticed the amount of time it takes to figure out how well each coin is performing, how much you want to sell of each to buy more of your underperformers or even if that shiny new one you saw earlier is a worthy addition? Have you noticed none of the tools out there today make it easy for you to keep your portfolio in relative balance or to even know when you've gone quite off track with your desired balance? Do you find yourself doing a lot of math during your Altcoin — Bitcoin, Bitcoin — Altcoin dance? Have you ever mistyped a decimal in there? Oops!

What about all of those times have you missed out on spending time with your family because your spreadsheet stopped updating prices in real-time. Instead a quick check and go, you're pulling hair out reconnecting dead cells or very carefully and painstakingly adding all those new trades you just made into your spreadsheet to bring everything up-to-date? Nevermind keeping loads of extra spreadsheets around to help you work up the number of coins to sell on one to buy another. Did you remember the transaction fees when you computed your profit and loss percentages?

How messy does it get when you want to sell multiple coins just to boost your NEO balance because its going to the Moon tomorrow? Did you go to bed without saving your spreadsheet changes and Windows decided to do a security update and reboot? Whoopsie daisies!

We have all been there. Orders don't get filled at the expected prices. We deviate from the plan because we FOMO'd on some other coin climbing in the moment. The next thing we know, a full hour is gone instead of five minutes and we haven't yet downloaded the trade history or very carefully updated our spreadsheets to accurately reflect our new portfolio standings.

As if that wasn't difficult enough, any time we want to take a glance to see how our portfolios are performing, we have to hit up Coin Market Cap to get all the latest prices and key them into our trusty spreadsheets just to get an idea where everything stands. What a pain!

What if there was a tool that could save us all that time, money and stress? What if altering our portfolio's weight was as easy as a click of a button? Well, there can be and I plan to build it with your help. Introducing Prospero — an open source portfolio management application that will enable you to manage your portfolio like never before.

Prospero will allow you to rebalance your entire portfolio in a simple and efficient manner and even automate the process completely while also tailored to your own desired investing strategy. The interface will be sleek, simple to use and operated from your own desktop — think |, but with a major difference: Prospero will be investor focused, open source, freely downloadable, and open for anyone to contribute.

The Problem

Cryptocurrenies, for the first time in the history of money, makes it possible to exchange funds with any other party anywhere in the world for any reason whatsoever without a middleman telling us who we can exchange with, when we can do it and taking a piece of the action for the privilege of watching over our every move. One can decide to buy and hold any other cryptocurrency desired. But there's a problem: its difficult to hold and manage those funds as an investment portfolio. And it is a big problem. So big, there are countless companies, like CRYPTO20, springing up to offer managed portfolio or index funds to do the heavy lifting for you. But these companies are repeating old, traditional predatory patterns whereby you must place your trust in them and their knowledge and ability to grow your investment. There's a better way! We don't need these old ways and we certainly don't need middlemen in the picture taking slice of our profits for themselves. We just need the right tools in our hands so we can self-manage our own funds on our own terms.

The Solution

The question you have to ask yourself: If you're liberating yourself from your bank and any middleman control, then why do you want someone managing your portfolio under essentially the same guise? Or worse yet, giving a fund manager a portion of your hard-earned money when they're doing no better than the market overall nor better than some simple, well-researched, and fully automated strategies might do? Enter Prospero. An all-in-one, open source tool specifically designed for portfolio management in the cryptocurrency space and a sweet interface for managing your entire portfolio of cryptocurrencies. As an open source tool, it is free to download, free to use with no hidden fees and nothing nefarious tucked away from prying eyes. It is an open, accessible, fully auditable tool that anyone can use and contribute to.

Where It All Started

My name is Michael Lang. I have been programming and building computers for about 34 years and landed my first contract in 1988 with Kubota KMA, who had just opened up an American plant in my hometown of Gainesville, Georgia. They needed a way to set daily production targets and track their progress throughout the day. I figured out how to hook up a computer to a scrolling LED sign and wrote a program in Turbo Pascal and Assembler to produce and display statistics about their assembly line. From there, I went on to be involved in a number of start-ups and large corporations. I have gotten into nearly everything. Here's just a few of the industries I've worked in: digital sign and graphics production, magazine publication and distribution, commercial real estate, hospitality industry, clothing manufacturing, human resource management, telecommunications, veterinary medicine, healthcare.

I got started in computers because I couldn't afford to buy the games for my Atari 2600. I convinced my Parents to let me buy my first computer with my life's savings. They had to pay for more than half the cost of that computer, so it was a very big deal!

I am hearing impaired. I lost most of my hearing due to the powerful antibodies used to save my life when I contracted spinal meningitis at 24 months of age. Although I'm nearly deaf, I firmly believe my hearing impairment has become one of my biggest strengths instead of a handicap. Because I hear only one in five words, I've been forced to develop an intense ability to focus on what the speaker has to say when engaged in conversations — relying on topical context, lip-reading, and body language to "hear" what's said. Time and time again, people tell me I have the uncanny ability to, in spite of my hearing loss, not only understand what was said, but to also hear what is often not said — almost as if I was reading the speaker's mind. I really feel my ability to listen enables me to quickly grasp a client's environment, ecosystem and excel in translating client needs into software deliverables and streamlined business workflow.

My consulting company, Cybrains, Inc. was established in 2001 during a time when the dot com bubble burst and made it difficult to find full-time employment in the IT field. My expertise has enabled me to consistently acquire and keep clients during even the worst of economic times. Cybrains' history has been a storied one with periods of intense activity to periods of dormancy as I was repeatedly recruited to join the firms of my various clients to head up their IT shops. In November 2011, I decided to get off that treadmill and only pursue my own endeavors full-time.

I bought my first Bitcoin one year ago this month and I bought it on a complete whim with no two full thoughts about it. When I saw that my purchase doubled in value a mere 2 weeks later, I started wondering, "what is this Bitcoin thing, really?" and began to deep research everything about cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and digging through all the whitepapers of every token and ICO imaginable to try to understand at the most fundamental level whether this was an entire industry of investment hoaxes or a genuine revolution in technology.

My technical background enabled me to grasp very quickly with a deep understanding just what Satoshi Nakamoto had accomplished with his Bitcoin and Blockchain. The takeaway is, blockchain is here to stay and it will change the world as we know it. Its not only all its hyped to be — the best is yet to come.

As big as Bitcoin and Ethereum are, I am convinced that there is something much, much bigger coming and the biggest, most powerful ideas surround blockchain application has yet to be imagined, even by the most visionary leaders in the industry today. Blockchain opens the door to a new paradigm of thinking along with opening the doors on a class of computing problems long considered unsolvable, and with a mind-bogglingly elegant solution at that. The imaginations of everyone everywhere is only just getting warmed up.

In my spare time, I am an avid tennis player and loving husband to my wife Elisabeth for an amazing journey of 7 years that continues to bring a wealth of joy and love. I am a proud father of daughter, Sara Kate and Step-Dad to Elisabeth's two older Sons, Gabriel and Dawsyn.

The Company

CryptoToolbox is not just another blockchain company. We're doing things differently here. We are a company founded by solid people who have a strong enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies and are strong believers in all that the blockchain technology has the potential to bring to our world. Blockchain is not a panacea, but it does open the door to solving a whole class of computing (and potentially societal) problems have been either untouchable or unsolvable with classical approaches. It is these possibilities that excites us and makes us believers in not only blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but in the new wave of innovation, energy, and re-imagined possibilities that Bitcoin and blockchain technology is inspiring.

Project Deliverables

All of that brings us to the problem I am in the process of solving: Managing an investment portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Since my first purchase of Bitcoin, I have diversified into many altcoins and have actively traded cryptocurrencies on a daily basis on all of the major exchanges as well as the minor ones. I have gone so far as to build my own trading bots and have already built and released many open source tools over the years. For this kickstarter campaign, I think my history and experience puts me in the ideal position to build and deliver an automated portfolio manager tool that will rock.

Here's what I want to build as the minimum viable product:

  • It will be an open source project built on open source tools and frameworks. All code is available for download and fully auditable by anyone, including security experts, and the full source code will be hosted at one of the best places to host open source projects:

  • Development of the project will follow best practices and programming idioms that make it easy for developers to join the community, learn the structure and begin contributing. The community of developers will be an friendly and welcoming group that encourage newcomers to participate in the project.

  • The application code is downloadable and runs from your own computer. You don't share your private keys with anyone and you don't give your exchange API keys out to anyone. You're fully in control of both at all times.

  • How to Install and Use Quick Start Guide to help you get started using the application right away.

  • An exchange adaptor (i.e. connector) for -- this will allow the app to connect to Binance and execute trade orders on your funds to swap one token to another and carry out the rebalancing.

  • A rebalancing strategy that allows you to decide how you want to rebalance your funds, whether that's to carry equal amounts (in USD/BTC value) of every token or to assign different weighted percentages to each coin you desire to hold. Each rebalancing event, the portfolio is analyzed for performance during the period and profits are taken from top gainers and redistributed to the tokens that are lagging in performance for the period.

  • An open architecture with ability to plug in new portfolio management strategies and crypto exchange adapters/connections with ease.

  • A dashboard that gives you an elegant and beautifully useful overview of your entire portfolio from historical performance to present balance and trend. You'll be able to see at a glance how much funds you have allocated to every token in your portfolio, past history and log of all transactions leading up to present day's portfolio balance.

Project Stretch Goals

Stretch goals include additional functionality to build over and above what was just listed above and will activate as each level is crossed during the fund-raising effort:

  • Strech Goal #1: Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). Deposit new funds on the exchange, automatically disperse those funds by specified weight into specified tokens in your portfolio.

  • Stretch Goal #2: Implement Bittrex connector to allow managing funds on exchange.

  • Stretch Goal #3: How to Develop New Plugins and Exchange Connectors Guide for Developers that details everything one needs to know to build a new strategy plugin or exchange adapter.

  • Stretch Goal #4: Dollar Value Averaging (DVA). Portfolio is analyzed for the period and required amount to deposit (or withdraw!) is estimated. If during a period of retraction, the funds deposited are dispersed to portfolio to bring all holdings back into alignment. If during period of growth, profits are taken out of portfolio or redistributed evenly (i.e. rebalanced) per choice.

  • Stretch Goal #5: Build prepackaged, easy to download and install packages that make it a snap to install and run the app on your local computer.

  • Stretch Goal #6: A near-native GUI that fits well with your desktop and feels like a native app should feel for your chosen OS, be it Windows, Linux, or MacOS. Make no bones about it, even if we don't reach this level of funding, the delivered product is going to look great and be easy to use, but it will be an app running in your browser vs. a natively packaged app that looks and feels like a desktop app comparable to wallet (for example) and that's what this stretch goal is all about.

Join Us!

  • If you get just five friends to sign up, we will send you 100 Dogecoins. Such fun! Much amaze!
  • Ten friends earns you those 100 Dogecoins plus one very cool die cut CryptoToolbox logo sticker to slap on your notebook for instant hipster effect.
  • 25 Friends and we're talking first access to my upcoming Bitcoin e-book to go along with the above goodies. Everything you need to know to set up all your accounts and stay safe online while buying and selling cryptocurrencies.
  • 50 or more friends signing up? Then you earn everything possible, including a limited print, serialized, autographed Prospero Dollar inspired by some of the oldest U.S. currency notes around. What better way to usher in the demise of printed fiat currency than to reflect back on what once was?

If you want to be able to manage your cryptocurrency holdings with ease and aplomb and keep tabs on your entire portfolio, then sign up for our email list and get ready because we're soon launching a crowd-funding campaign to raise the funds necessary to bring the development talent together to turn this dream into reality. Building and releasing Prospero may be one of the biggest and most important contributions I ever make to the open source community and I need your help to do it. I have been doing this for decades and I will deliver.